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Residents are advised of a proposed electricity shutdown on SUNDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2018, between the hours of 08h00 and 16h00, in various areas of Nelson Mandela Bay, caused by the temporary shutdown of the College Drive Substation, to allow repairs and maintenance to be carried out on a local transformer.  

Areas affected: Mill Park, St. Georges Park (only end of College Drive Road), Glendinningvale, Greenacres, Scotstown.

Streets affected: Ascot Road, Barris Walk Street, Bradshaw Street, Churchill Road, College Drive, Conyngham Road, Cape Road, Dene Road, Fairford Road, Highbeech Road, Lenox Street, McLean Road, Mill Park Road, Mortimer Road, Nightingale Street, Ramsay Lane, Salisbury Avenue, Wares Road, Way Avenue, Wembley Road, Westview Drive, Woodville Road, Young Road. 

All installations must be treated as live for the duration of the outage. - Apologies are tendered for any inconvenience caused.

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NRS 097-2-3
GRID INTERCONNECTION OF EMBEDDED GENERATION Part 2: Small-scale embedded generation Section 3: Simplified utility connection criteria for low-voltage connected generators
388 KB 5 Mar 2018 5 Mar 2018
NRS 097-2-1
GRID INTERCONNECTION OF EMBEDDED GENERATION Part 2: Small-scale embedded generation Section 1: Utility interface
263 KB 5 Mar 2018 5 Mar 2018
Sample PV GreenCard
Sample of a PV GreenCard
143 KB 2 Mar 2018 2 Mar 2018
NMBM Libraries telephone directory
Updated telephone numbers - 2018
95 KB 1 Mar 2018 1 Mar 2018
379 KB 6 Oct 2017 6 Oct 2017
Children's Library Services
Basic guide on services offered for children
657 KB 27 Mar 2017 27 Mar 2017
NMBM logo-high res - jpg
NMBM logo-high res - jpg
326 KB 10 Mar 2017 10 Mar 2017
NMBM logo-high res
NMBM logo-high res
15 KB 10 Mar 2017 10 Mar 2017
Transportation of dangerous goods
Extract from Fire by-law explaining the registration process when transporting dangerous goods
49 KB 11 Aug 2016 11 Aug 2016
Registration of Health-Care Waste Transporters
Document explaining the registration of Health-Care waste transporters ito the Municipal Health by-law
56 KB 11 Aug 2016 11 Aug 2016
Refuse Storage Chamber - NMBM Design Guidelines
Refuse Storage Chamber - NMBM Design Guidelines To allow flexibility of design, it is not intended to lay down hard and fast regulations for the regulations for the construction of refuse storage chambers. Document explain the basis for an ideal refuse storage chamber.
83 KB 26 Jan 2012
Swartkops Desalination Project- Design Considerations
It is envisaged that the general conditions of contract will align with FIDIC and will cover all design, procurement, construction, installation, testing, commissioning and one-year trial operation period for the provision of all works for the complete desalination plant including civil, mechanical, electrical and control equipment required for the project including, but not limited to, the following key elements:
172 KB 15 Dec 2010 15 Dec 2010
Main Collective Agreement
Legal Issues
2.84 MB 17 Aug 2010 21 Sep 2010
Registered Home stay in Nelson Mandela Bay
Data base of all registered Home stay with the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
90 KB 23 Mar 2010 17 Mar 2011
NMBM Solar Water Heater Pilot Project
NMBM Solar Water Heater Pilot Project Social Contribution & Change / Report on early outcome findings The NMBM Solar Water Heater Pilot Project consists of 1263 houses chosen to receive a solar water heater paid for by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. This report, based on a baseline survey and a follow-up household survey, is intended to inform the project management and contracted solar water heater suppliers about the social contributions made and changes caused by the project.
862 KB 23 Mar 2010
NMBM Stadium - About the stadium
The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium has an eye-catching, unique roof-structure and a spectacular view, overlooking the North End Lake. There are not many stadia in the world that are designed and constructed overlooking a lake; this in itself is a very distinctive feature of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, in addition to its striking design.
1.18 MB 28 May 2009
Prepaid Electricity Vending Stations
List of Prepaid Electricity vending stations
28 KB 10 Dec 2008 3 Jun 2016
Public Transport Plan
Public Transport Plan (PTP) for Nelson Mandela Bay The PTP includes a proposed long-term strategy for the public transport system and a proposed phased implementation plan.
2.16 MB 7 Nov 2008
Children and reading
Children and reading: some notes for the grown-ups
30 KB 6 Aug 2008
Childrens books - where do I start?
A guide to the arrangement of childrens books in our libraries
26 KB 6 Aug 2008 6 Aug 2008