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A group of health volunteers and Nelson Mandela Bay Councillors embarked on a door-to-door campaign in the Rosedale area of Uitenhage on Friday, 20 August to spread awareness about life threatening illnesses such as TB and Hiv/Aids.

The Advocacy Communication and Social Mobilisation Strategy has been developed by the Department of Health and the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, with the support of the USAID TB Project.


The group visited more than 200 homes spreading the message of how important it is to complete TB treatment, as defaulting on treatment increases the risk of becoming infected with drug resistant TB.

The TB awareness campaign is set to target the high TB infection rate in Nelson Mandela Bay, which is often fuelled by the high HIV prevalence rate. The objective of the programme is to mobilise community volunteers and health workers to improve the public’s understanding of TB and how to treat and avoid it.


Similar campaigns will be ongoing throughout Nelson Mandela Bay.

Health activist, Betty Ncanywa, and other community health volunteers hand out information about TB and HIV/Aids to households in Wards 49 and 50 in Uitenhage as part of a TB and HIV/Aids awareness campaign.


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