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Notice Board:

Partial closure of Heugh Road from tomorrow (15 March 2018) for road repairs. Please click here for details.

Sunday’s electricity shutdown to affect supply to a large part of Port Elizabeth. Please click here for details.
The following lines/areas will NOT be affected by the Kragga Kamma / Malabar substations' shutdown:
* THC-line (Theescombe / Chelsea) * KKT-line (Kragga Kamma) * SEA-line (Seaview)

Reward offered as task team closes in on saboteurs

A closed 900mm valve was found by an Infrastructure & Engineering and Mayoral Office task team yesterday afternoon.  

This had prevented water supply to Kwazakhele, New Brighton, Zwide and Soweto on Sea since Friday morning. 

The valve has been reopened. A number of witnesses will be asked to make statements, and photographic evidence has been secured.

A task team, led by Safety & Security, will
begin tracking down suspects from tomorrow, with the discovery of new evidence and testimony.

It is our duty to keep the lights on and taps running and I expect each and every municipal employee and public representative to do everything in their power to make this a loved reality. Anything less than this is simply unacceptable.

I would like to apologise to those residents who have been impacted by service delivery interruptions as a result of sabotage. 

Those responsible will be caught and face criminal and internal prosecution.

I appeal to all municipal staff to serve the residents of this Municipality with honour and integrity. Every paid hour of work should be carried out efficiently and productively, in the service of all our people.

Service delivery must be our priority. Without exception.

One City. One Future.

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Kristoff Adelbert 
060 977 2284

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