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Notice Board:

Electricity Shutdown 16 December from 08H00 - 12H00: Please note that repairs and maintenance will be carried out on the Aloes substation transformer equipment. Areas affected: Wells Estate, Markman Township, Bluewaters Bay, Amsterdamhoek, parts of Coega, Coega village, St Georges Strand and Dumbrody farms. All installations to be treated as live for the duration of the outage. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Art Museum celebrates Heritage Month with international exhibition walkabout

The acclaimed Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum is celebrating Heritage Month with a walkabout to showcase its international exhibition entitled The Way of Water.  

Comprising video and photographic artworks from Benin, Croatia, Italy, Mexico, United States and South Africa, the walkabout (that starts at 17:30) will be conducted by Magda Minguzzi, Chief Margaret Coetzee and Chief Xam ? Gaob Maleiba of the Khoisan Community.

On exhibition are video and photographic artworks by 11 artists and art collectives from 6 countries across the globe.  The exhibition features the South African contribution to the project which took the form of a traditional cleansing ceremony. On the 5th and 6th of May this year, Chief Margaret Coetzee and Chief Xam ? Gaob Maleiba along with other members of the Khoisan community invited members of the Nelson Mandela Bay community to share their personal messages on preserving and celebrating the fragile marine ecosystem in a Khoisan cleansing ceremony. The day ended with the participants making a fire which is an ancestral symbol of gathering and communal meeting.

International artists who contributed videos for the exhibition are: BENIN, Ouidah: Flavia Vaccher/ CROATIA, Zadar: Josip Zanki and Matija Zdunic/ ITALY, Venice: Davide Skerlj/ MEXICO, San Luis Potosí: Manolo Cocho with DRY collective group/ UNITED STATES, Brookyn: Ethan Cornell, Justin Frankel, Megan Suttles, Jimi Pantalon, eXtll/ SOUTH AFRICA, Nelson Mandela Bay: Magda Minguzzi with Chief Margaret Coetzee and Chief Xam ? Gaob Maleiba

The exhibition opened earlier this year and ends on 30th November 2017.  




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