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Mayoral Committee Members To Undergo Lifestyle Audits

As a show of transparency and accountability, the entire NMB Mayoral Committee will undergo lifestyle audits.

This coalition government has taken a strong stance against corruption by freezing dubious contracts and suspending officials accused of fraud.

We must lead by example, always ensuring that as leaders of this city, we are beyond reproach.

This is why we have chosen to undergo lifestyle audits, as a reaffirmation of our commitment to being an honest, transparent government.

The coalition government will work with various state institutions, such as SARS, during the audit.

This is the first time an entire mayoral committee will be audited in this way, setting the tone for integrity and honest in government. We are unwavering in our commitment to keeping corruption out of this Metro.

I urge President Cyril Ramaphosa to follow the lead of this NMB coalition government by conducting a lifestyle audit on all of his cabinet members. As government leaders, we must be more action than talk.

Corruption in all three spheres of government in South Africa is deeply embedded and as such, high ranking officials and public representatives have managed to amass unimaginable wealth through dubious means. We do not tolerate this in Nelson Mandela Bay,

This exercise will ensure a level of accountability on the part of people who have been entrusted with leading the City's administration.

Clean governance demands sincere leadership that is able to hold its officials accountable, be it their own, without fear or favour.

One City One Future.

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Sibongile Dimbaza

Mayoral Spokesperson


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