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Today marks 24th anniversary of Freedom Day

Today marks an important day in South Africa's national calender as the country commemorates the 24th anniversary of the first democratic post-apartheid elections, held in 1994.

This year's celebrations recognise the role former political icon, the late Former President Nelson Mandela and equally revered former apartheid activist Albertina Sisulu both played in the struggle for freedom.

As such, we are priviledged as the Metro as we inherited the name of one of the world's most celebrated struggle icons Nelson Mandela, an honour that places huge responsibility on our shoulders as the City's political leadership, in ensuring that we keep his legacy alive.

On this day, the country started the process of sloughing off the shackles of its dark, colonialist past when it held its first free and fair voting elections, which saw the late Nelson Mandela elected as the first democratically elected president.

Today, we are celebrating an historical day during which we rededicate ourselves to building a united, democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous society, where everyone enjoys the fruits of freedom. This day calls upon each and everyone to assist in consolidating our hard-won freedom to realise the country's vision of attaining a better life for all.

We therefore need to unite in action to redress societal imbalances in the country and us as Nelson Mandela Bay, to double our efforts to bring meaningful change in the City.

Our people deserve decent living. As the coalition government in Nelson Mandela Bay, we recommit ourselves in our promise of creating a Fair society where there is equal Opportunity for all. This can be attained through clean governance where Corruption is rooted out. Where money allocated is directed towards service delivery programmes that are geared towards uplifting Metro communities.

While challenges still exist, however, we are making visible strides as this coalition government and many parts of the Metro communities are beginning to see a positive, gradual shift.

Proof of this is the recent announcement by Moody's Investor Services which recently gave the Municipality, led by a capable and commitment political leadership, a pat on the back for strengthening its financial performance, which translates to a favourable and stable economic outlook.

Nelson Mandela fought for a corrupt free society where government recognises its role as an agent for change.

In recognition of the societal values he envisaged and the vision he had for this country, it is for this reason that we are impacting change in the Metro to ensure the legacy of all those who fought selflessly for the betterment of this country is not betrayed.

Let us remind ourselves that the freedom we all enjoy today came at a price. And thus, we need, as the Metro community, to double our collective efforts in turning Nelson Mandela Bay into a world-class City,

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