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Notice Board:

Please note that the Bid Adjudication Committee meeting scheduled for Friday, 17 January 2020 has been postponed until Friday, 24 January 2020. 



All residents and stakeholders in Nelson Mandela Bay are hereby informed that the Metro has now moved into a water emergency situation, as the combined average water levels of the Metro’s supply dams have dropped to below the critically low point of 40%. As a result, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has had no option but to introduce the more punitive Part C of the approved Schedule of Charges and Tariffs, which is applied during a water shortage emergency. 

On 12 May 2017, the Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Cllr Athol Trollip, announced the introduction of Part C of the water tariffs for 2016/17, as reflected below:  

Part C:




Up to 0.5 kl/d

R   14,57


Next 0.3 kl/d

R   29,46


Next 0.8 kl/d

R   58,92


Add consumption

R 196,41



R   14,57

Institutional & Government Departments


R   16,66

 Industrial and Commercial users will be charged in terms of Schedule B, as reflected below: 

Part B of the Charges and Tariffs (applicable during times of water shortage) (excluding VAT)

 Institutional & Government Departments R16,66

 Commercial / Industrial   R16.54

This new phase in our water situation – a water shortage emergency – underlines the need for even more focused efforts by both the Municipality and residents to save and conserve our precious remaining water.  

Please note that with the introduction of Part C, all rebates relating to underground/internal leaks will fall away; homeowners are therefore urged to check their water meters daily to discover the existence of any underground leaks. 

Previous water restrictions remain in force, such as the ban on the use of hosepipes linked to a municipal water supply. 

Additional stricter measures imposed, of particular important to high domestic users, contractors and borehole users, are as follows: 

  • All domestic users using more than 40 Kl/m of water will be given two weeks’ notice to fix leaks or reduce their water consumption, failing which a flow meter restrictor will be installed to limit their water usage.
  • Apart from for concrete activities, contractors must use recycled water from the Fishwater Flats or any other approved wastewater treatment works at which disposal facilities exist.
  • Borehole water from trial holes will be made available free of charge for non-potable use at the Motherwell Cemetery, under strict access conditions. The volume per use will be as directed by the NMBM Executive Director: Infrastructure and Engineering.
  • All current and future borehole users and drilling contractors must in term of the NMBM Water and Sanitation Bylaw (Clause 83) register at the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (Infrastructure and Engineering Director: Water and Sanitation – Water Distribution). 

The full range of water tariffs is available on the NMBM website at 

It should also be noted that new annual tariff increases will be effective from 1 July 2017. 

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