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  IPTS (Integrated Public Transport System)


What, Why and When:

1.What is the name of this smart service?
Libhongolethu – isiXhosa, meaning: - Our pride – Ons trots.

2. Is this a pilot programme?
A pilot programme was conducted in 2012/3, from which valuable lessons were learnt, which are being used to roll out the service more efficiently and meaningfully over the long term.

3. When will the bus service start operating?
The service will be launched in October 2016, to coincide with national Transport Month.

4. Will the service cover the entire Metro?
The service will be rolled out in phases, which will ultimately cover the entire Metro.

5. How long will it take before one is able to travel in the smart bus all over the Metro?
It is foreseen that this will happen within the next five years.

6. In which areas will the service start operating?
Phase 1 will be the starter service, starting at KwaDwesi, with stopping points KwaMagxaki, KwaZakhele, (Njoli) Zwide, New Brighton, and Kempston Road to the PE CBD.

7. Is this the only route provided in terms of Phase 1?
It will be the main route in the starter service, with an alternative route branching out to the Greenacres Mall at the Kempston Road intersection. There will also be an express service for the KwaDwesi catchment area (Joe Slovo/KwaNoxolo/Despatch) to the PE CBD.

8. What are the features of the Libhongolethu?
The service provides access to transport to all commuters – children, the infirm and the differently abled, including those in wheelchairs. 
The service is:
Safe; as security is provided, 
Reliable; as it will run on a set time-table
Affordable; as it is not profit-driven

9. What are the timetables for this service?
The service will operate for 18 hours of the day: from 05h30 to 23h30. Buses will be stopping every 15 – 20 minutes at a bus station along the routes.

10. Will this not upset the taxi industry?
Libhongolethu is one of the good stories of Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE). The Nelson Mandela Bay  taxi industry and the Algoa Bus Company form part of Libhongolethu. It is a Public-Private Partnership between government (Metro, Provincial and National Transport Departments), the local taxi and bus industries and, more importantly, local commuters, hence the name – Libhongolethu!

IPTS Route map