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  Renewable Energies


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South Africa faces the triple challenge of:

    • addressing energy supply constraints,
    • energy related environmental impacts and
    • economic growth challenges, including job creation.

Renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) offers solutions to the challenge. Whereby PV-roof-top-systems are one solution to achieve this goals. But especially for smaller electricity consumers it is a quit costive solution compared to others to bring your electricity demand down. This Website will explain some basic solutions you should consider to implement, before installing a PV solar system, to be more cost effective.

For those who are interested in an installation of a PV home system this website will give you some basic information about:

    • PV panels and how they work
    • assist with choosing the right type of installation
    • Provide information about registering your own PV system at the NMBM
    • Introduce the new PV programme of the metro