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NMBM Transport Month programmes in full swing

Published: October 13, 2020

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Transport Month programmes are in full swing, with multi-million rand projects forming part of the work being done to improve the City’s roads and transport services.

The projects were highlighted by NMBM Roads and Transport Portfolio Head, Councillor Rosie Daaminds when she addressed members of the media on Tuesday, 13 October 2020, at the Port Elizabeth City Hall.
The programmes come after the City launched a R11million war on potholes project last month which is in line with the City’s efforts to improve roads and transport services across the City.
Addressing members of the media on Tuesday Councillor Daaminds said: "We want to introduce and highlight the plans we have to make the roads safe for our people. You will remember last month we launched the war on potholes project and that forms part of safety for our vehicles because if the vehicle, taxi and bus is safe you will get a safe commuter that will travel from one point to the other point. So we take it on our shoulders as the Municipality to declare a war on potholes. I can report very safely and with confidence that the officials at the different depots are tackling the potholes.
"We are still busy with the work as it has been only a few weeks since we started the work but the majority of wards, we have a very progressive report which will be made available in due course. All contractors are out in the zones and clusters that we have, from Motherwell to the Northern areas, to Summerstrand to Kuyga.”
MMC Daaminds said the multi-million rand Stanford Road bridge would also be launched soon.
"We plan to get our National and Provincial leaders to celebrate the day with us in line with Transport Month and see the progressive work we have done in launching that bridge. The bridge is safe now, the vehicles can use the bridge now. We will also launch 185 EPWP workers on Friday in Cleary Park and that is an opportunity we give to our residents for job creation.”

The workers will be responsible to clean the bus routes in Port Elizabeth. 
As part of the long term solution to the inevitable potholes problem, the NMBM Roads and Transport directorate will visit Jeffreys Bay later this month to check on the plastic roads initiative and investigate the safety and affordability of the plastic road construction technology.
 MMC Daaminds added that frequent walkabouts in taxi ranks will also be conducted to engage with the stakeholders and remind the commuters that NMBM is available to assist whenever needed.
"We will check if the taxis are safe enough. We will also check if they comply with the COVID-19 regulations in our country. We still have the Libhongolethu buses that still continue the normal routes and inner routes in the townships. We really want to preach a safe ride for our commuters and the affordability transport that we provide to our residents in NMBM,” she said.
In an exciting move Libhongolethu bus commuters can expect a new App that which will be launched this month to assist them with information including the bus fares and the bus locations.
 NMBM Integrated Public Transport System Director Khayalethu Mconi said: "We will be launching that App, it will be available on our website during this month once we officially launch it. We will be doing site visits as well for the projects that are underway from Uitenhage to Port Elizabeth and the last part will be the Jeffreys Bay visit where we will be looking at new technology and the new way of constructing roads.”
With the City’s war on potholes project underway, NMBM Roads and Storm Water Director Walter Shaidi urged communities to cooperate with the SMME’s in the wards.
"The SMME’s were already appointed through Supply Chain Management processes years ago, allow them to work. If you want 30% from them how will they make money if they give work to other SMME’s they will have nothing to work on. We are interested in the plastic roads as they prevent potholes from forming and we expect to do that site visit before the end of the month, we are excited.”
Issued by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications Office.

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