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MMC Bobani commits to deliver basic services on time in NMBM

Published: August 06, 2020

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality residents should brace themselves for stricter water restrictions to help save water as the City continues to battle against drought.
The restrictions, also known as Notice 8 were signed by NMBM Acting Mayor Councillor Thsonono Buyeye on Wednesday after the total dam levels dropped to 17.46% on Monday.
This is in line with the City’s serious efforts to save water which include the fixing of water leaks and upgrading of aging infrastructure. 
In the last three months NMBM has fixed 15 729 leaks out of the backlog of 16 665 by using seven cluster contractors.
Mayor Buyeye confirmed his approval of the tighter restrictions during a media briefing on Thursday, 6 August 2020, which was held at the City Hall by the new portfolio head for Infrastructure and Engineering Councillor Mongameli Bobani to outline key priorities he would focus on.
Councillor Bobani said residents would be compelled to use 50 litres a day per person in all households.
The Notice also states that all domestic customers will have a flow meter restrictor installed to reduce the water pressure to reduce losses and all those with excessive water use, will have a flow meter restrictor installed to limit usage to 15kilo litres per month. Industrial, Commercial and Institutions will be requested to reduced their consumption by at least 20%.
"We will put restrictions in 50 schools that are wasting or highly consuming water. We will conduct comprehensive community water conservation campaign for consumers to reduce was consumption to 250 mega litres a day,” said MMC Bobani.

"The Municipality will be on time to finish the 936 backlog leaks as well as fixing new leaks that emerge by using the seven cluster contractors,” said Bobani adding that the current budget of R505million for water and sanitation would be used towards the drilling of boreholes, rehabilitate Loerie Water Treatment Works, construction of Coegakop Water Treatment Works facility and purchasing and installation of water meters amongst other projects.

He urged residents to continue to save water and report water leaks.
As part of the City’s plans to save electricity losses, MMC Bobani said the City would focus on renewable energy during the current financial year.
"Our mission is to develop a resilient infrastructure, electricity networks that accommodate growth and create sustainable opportunities for all our residents. We will implement renewable energy and alternative energy technologies that will ensure the future sustainability and universal access to electricity for all residents. One of our biggest problems as the City is the electricity losses and the Auditor General has also identified that.”
"In the Electricity and Energy department we have a capital budget of R177million for this financial year. We’ll do some public lightning and quite a number of other projects with the budget. During this financial year we will electrify 3000 households at a cost of R35million. We already hitting the ground running. We will install and upgrade 1700 residential lightning, no more darkness, we have R20million for that and for infrastructure refurbishment on electricity we have R36million during this financial year and we will provide smart metering at a cost of R17million,” he said
The City will reintroduce the free wi-fi connectivity programme throughout the City which was previously halted due to financial constraints.
Issued by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications Office.

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