Enterprise Development

Enterprise DevelopmentENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT - to facilitate Enterprise Development Services and support of Small Businesses 



  • Informal Trader Helpdesk : Located at Kwantu Towers offering Trade permits and facilities for Informal Traders;
  • National Construction Incubator: Incubation program, located at Kwantu Towers targeting SMMEs in the Built Environment (Construction Industry)- skills, mentorship, link to markets and finance;
  • SMME Development Program (Business Place): Located at Kwantu Towers offering SMMEs opportunities to register and comply for business, assistance with the tendering processes and the Business place offers facilities to trade for SMMEs through the Enterprise Development Centers located in the Township areas of our City;
  • i-Hub ICT Incubator: Incubation program located at Kwantu Towers targeting Young Entrepreneurs and SMMEs in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry;
  • Enterprise Development Centers (Facilities): Located in various areas of our Townships hosting local SMMEs and supported by Sector Development through the enterprise development program (e.g. Veeplaas Center, Mandla Street Center, Walmer Business Village)
  • Corporative Development Help-desk: A help-desk dedicated to the City's Cooperatives and offers training, equipment, link to markets and funding opportunities for all Corporatives;
  • Automotive Development Help-desk: A help-desk dedicated to the automotive industry which also includes transport and logistics;
  • Socio-Economic Help-desk: An enterprise development help-desk dedicated to ensuring the set aside policy is implemented for the benefit of SMMEs in the Built Environment / Construction Industry. 




041 503 7500


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