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Linton Grange water treatment works refurbished to improve efficiency and capacity

Published: October 14, 2021

Investing in the maintenance and refurbishment of water treatment and distribution infrastructure is proving to be one of the biggest contributing factors to the City avoiding dry taps.

The City is hard at work to deliver a number of projects that are part of the drought mitigation plan.

The R2 million rehabilitation of the Linton Grange Water Treatment Works is one of such projects.

The City has just completed refurbishments of this treatment works to improve its efficiency and water treatment capacity.

Following the work that has been done the production rate will be 10Ml/day. The plant used to produce between 3Ml/day to 5Ml/day.

On Thursday, 14 October 2021 the Mayoral Committee Member for Infrastructure and Engineering, Thsonono Buyeye visited the treatment works to officially commission it to start working at the increased capacity. 

The work that has been done will also improve the quality of water that is pumped out of the facility.

The rehabilitation has been executed in two phases. Phase one included cleaning and unblocking of clarifiers and upgrades to lime dosing pipework. Upgrades to filter inlets form part of phase one rehabilitation. Refurbishments of filter gallery including all control valves and up to the backwash controls have also been done.

Under phase two rehabilitation work, a filter sand 1, 2 and 3.

"The amount of work that has been done for the past since January is a clear indication that we are overhauling the whole water system to be more efficient and cost effective with improved capacity, " said MMC Buyeye. 

He said the City is working on a multipronged approach of implementing drought mitigation measures while overhauling the water infrastructure to perform better and cost effectively.

"We are pleased that we have delivered on this project. Work will not stop to avoid dry taps, fixing water leaks and managing pressure are some of the measures we are busy with," said Buyeye.

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